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The vineyard

Multi altitudeterroirs

Grape varieties have different behaviours at different altitudes. The choice to use multi altitude terroirs comes from the decision to achieve wines with great complexity and distinctive grape expression.

The expression and richness of each grape varies mainly due to the characteristics of the regions and altitude in which the vineyards are situated.

The higher their elevation, the lower the temperature and the wider the thermal amplitude between day and night. Depending on how high —or how low— the vineyards are placed, grapes develop differently in colour, aroma and texture. The berries are also affected by sunlight intensity and soil characteristics, which also depend on the altitude of the terroir.

The different altitude vineyards produce various strains of grapes that can be combined with each other accordingly.

The unique microclimates favour the production of a vast collection of varietals, while grapes achieve optimal ripeness and thrive corresponding to the singularities of each of the terroirs.

The combination of these various factors, together with the Pasión of our winemakers, make our bold and distinctive wines.

Pedernal Valley

This terroir, located in the province of San Juan, enjoys unique conditions for the production of vivid and colorful grapes with strong tannins. Its high altitude, ranging from 1200 to 1400 meters above sea level and the mineral component of the soil, make its grapes one of the most sought after in the region. The wide temperature amplitude, hot days and cool nights, provides the optimal balance for our grapes to reach their full potential.

  • Temperature

    Wide Amplitude

  • Rains


  • Sun

    300 days

  • Altitude

    1400 mts