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Make your own Asado

Planning an Asado may be daunting.
But it shouldn't be.

The key is to calculate how much meat you'll be needing, select a few sides, some starters, and grab a perfect bottle of wine to pair with the meat.

Seems like a lot? Not to worry, we will take you step by step to create the ideal menu.

The guests

First, let us know how many people will be attending.



Select the Meat

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Short Ribs

The rib is probably the most savory and tender cut, but it's not as abundant as other beef cuts.

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Skirt Steak

A relatively long and flat cut. Fibre is visible, as it comes from an excersised section of the animal. This cut is more flavourful than tender.

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Very succulent, the cut becomes a little bit tougher when moving towards the rear back.

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Flank Steak

Very flavourful, this cut is best when sliced against the grain of the meat's fibre.

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Thin Flank

One must be careful not to overcook this cut, since it has quite some muscular fibre. A good way to cook it is fast and at a high temperature.

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Tail of Rump

Since it's a big muscle, the rear end is fairly lean but is quite tough too. A good way to have it is in thin slices, since it's not as succulent as other cuts.

* You can select only 3 cuts

Choose your side


An effortless option, specially if you want them roasted. A simple yet delicious side.


A healthy side to combine with proteins. Go fresh with a light option that’s nevertheless exquisite.


Fried or wedged, potatoes are classic in an Asado. The mouthwatering option to pair with meat.

The Starter


This traditional Argentine starter may be filled with chopped or ground meat, vegetables, etc.


An assortment of various cheeses and cold meats such as salami, ham, etc.

The fire


Coal needs time to burn. Blaze it to heat the coals enough that, when the flame is gone, they are self-sustaining.


Dry wood gives the meat another kind of flavour but the premise is the same: get an even temperature throughout the grill.


Asado & Malbec

Malbec's versatile and bold flavour makes it the ideal wine to pair with Asado.
The perfect balance of ripe tannins and fresh acidity cuts through the rich texture of perfectly roasted beef. The wine softens the meat and the fat in the meat softens the wine, making it a perfect match for this occasion.

  • 2 males 3 females
  • short loin brisket
  • salad
  • picada
  • wook