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Always bold. Never timid.

Always bold speaks to the robust nature of Graffigna and the layers of passion that go into each bottle. Never timid is the spirit, authenticity and energy of Argentina and its people.

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Santiago Graffigna

A tribute to our founder and the finest expression of our terroir. Aged in oak barrels for 18 months, this is a complex and distinctive wine to enjoy.

About the vineyards

Set over the admirable terroir of San Juan, our vineyards have seen over 145 years of Graffigna's winemaking history, producing their finest grapes to bottle Argentina's heritage and pasión.

Our team

The hands that make our wines. A team that works side by side to achieve excellence.

Our history

The story of an Italian inmigrant, a passionate explorer and innovator, that gives the name to our wines: Santiago Graffigna.

Discover our true pasión